Saturday, September 15, 2012

Financial Investment Calculator

Often we do not realize that the time passed so quickly and imperceptibly life began to change from the head first and then became head of 2 to 3 heads and suddenly we were in the head 4 or 5. Our hair was jet black and started to slowly fade to white with increasing age us.

A lot of people say well it adds additional age wise .... hhmm .. right nor wrong anyway, yah yah if the white hair gilded wrote her look so young anymore. But it turns out things about the pension problem is not as easy as shining white hair turned black again whice when you enter old age. You have to do financial planning early on to prepare for your old age pension fund. Do not be late for this one time can not be replaced by another such story had white hair.

Now, do not linger longer immediately grab your financial investment calculator and start calculating how much is actually your future retirement needs. There are two methods that can be used for retirement planning is the first method and the second is the Income Approach Expense Method Approach, but both of them have the same purpose, namely to determine how much money should you invest every month from now on so that you can have a level of economic good when you retire.

If it turns out you lack the ability to be able to make investments to meet retirement goals then do the strategy more aggressively for example by looking for additional revenue with a more promising job search or take other additional part time job in order to achieve these objectives or otherwise be satisfied by lowering lifestyle you later when entering old age.

Illustration of how to calculate it more or less like this is suppose to satisfy your lifestyle now required fund of 13.333 U.S. dollars per year, when to arrive to retirement is still 20 years away (to arrive at the age of 55 years), assuming inflation of 8% per year then in the future you need money 62.146 U.S. dollars per year in order to have a standard of living equal to the present. So from there on the count again as the target retirement age is 20 years to 75 years, then how much total accumulated funds needed at the beginning of early retirement, assuming such net return for the period was 2% and didapatlah that accumulated the necessary funds to beginning early retirement amounted to 1,016,178 U.S. dollars.

If the assumption is you do not have any investments at this time, to fulfill life's purpose to maintain the same lifestyle that began 20 years from now when you are starting to retire, then you have to make an investment of 1027 U.S. dollars per month, assuming an investment return of 12% per year. If your income now amounted to 2222 U.S. dollars per month or 26.666 U.S. dollars per year, it does not matter because there is still money left over for 1111 U.S. dollars a month to prepare for the pension fund but if less, then you must be careful and do extra work hard to cover the shortfall from now. Please use this calculator to calculate how much the pension fund or the education you need to prepare.

It's just one extreme example to illustrate the need for your retirement, I wish things were not like that where maybe you've got an investment property or other financial investments and other supplementary pension funds that provide good investment returns that have been able to meet most of the needs of the accumulated funds pension at a later date, so you can just count the lack of investment to be made per month now during your productive life.

However we have tried to prepare ideally supposed to do, if it turns out well in the future so the success of your child and is willing to maintain and take care of all your needs well was thankful for, and the money you are prepared can be used for other useful things. Whatever the reason to prepare your retirement funds early, the sooner the easier to catch.

Be careful if you live well now, so you are happy and complacent that, because at that time we usually forget to think about retirement this. There are so many examples of his youth living glamorous and affluent, but in his old age deprivation.


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