Saturday, September 15, 2012

Financial Investment Advice

Financial Planning, Retirement Planning and Investment Advice is a different matter. Financial planning involves the entire financial situation and put a plan to get you to your destination. This includes looking at types of home loans owned (and also all kinds of debt that may have), insurance, profit, family situation, career stability, spending habits, legal documents, retirement plan, basically anything you do with the money.

Investment advice is just one small part of financial planning. It has to do with the placement of your money, from taking funds in retirement plans to choose stocks and bonds to evaluate the risk of your investment into new business. Retirement planning involves a set of skills that goes beyond providing financial planning or investment advice.

A retirement planner should have a clear understanding that you accumulate financial assets, and other resources you have such as retirement, social security, part time jobs, home equity, etc. are all pieces of the puzzle that must be put together in a way that will result in delivery of salaries reliable monthly to you after you retire.

Just because someone offers financial planning does not mean they offer investment advice and retirement planning or otherwise. Make sure you understand the differences before seeking needed services.


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